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Alcopanel is an Aluminum composite panels consisting of two Aluminum sheets and anti-toxic polyethylene DAE-A is a leading manufacture specialized in Alcopanel, a aluminum composite panel. Since being established in 1990, Dae-A has been dedicated to creating products of the highest quality using the latest technology and strict quality control.


 ALCOPANEL (Aluminum Composite Material( ACM)), is high-performance product from Dae-A Industrial Co Ltd. consisting of two sheets of 0.5mm( .20" ) anti-corrosion aluminum permanently bonded to each side of an extruded anti toxic PE core material.

 ALCOPANEL's lightweight and rigidity with outstanding flatness and workability made it an ideal cladding material for ceiling, columns, facade, signboard as well as exterior wall and interior wall decoration

 Basically, Aluminum Composite Panel has become a "household word" in the building material industry. Pacing forward in-this sector is a superior quality cladding panel called "ALCOPANEL", Aluminum Composite Panel.

 This light panel of 5.6kg/m2 is manufactured from a stringent process in Seoul, Korea. The maker of ALCOPANEL emphasized on top value and high quality panels to its clients.


ALCOPANEL achieved high degree of sheet flatness control and its top surface is roller coated with the proven PVDF paint or fluorocarbon (Kynar 500) finish. Its under side aluminum sheet is also protected by a transparent layer of protective coating. The construction of ALCOPANEL is extremely rigid and yet versatile to be formed into many shapes to suit Architects and Designers requirements.

ALCOPANEL can be easily cut, bend, curved and shaped with ordinary metal or wood machines

It comes with standard thickness of 4mm thick. To offer greater choice of colors to the colorful world, it has 20 basic colors range

ALCOPANEL is highly recommended for external wall cladding for buildings and it has been used in marine and automobile industries. In addition to the above, it is also ideal for interior finishing design requirements




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