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Omega Stone Retaining Wall Blocks
Omega is a patented modular block retaining wall system. It is very economical, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and is an economical alternative to in-situ concrete retaining walls. بلوكا...
ARTLIFT Shower bathtub and bath lift
This is an example of how accessibility and modern aesthetics do not have to be excluded from the bathroom. The shower and bath tub with its integrated door is combined with the lifting seat to form t...
Washlet D Shape Shower toilet seat
Washlet D Shape is a newly developed toilet seat that is available separately. In no time at all it can be fitted to any toilet, thereby providing it with a pleasant, hygienic and comfortable spray cl...
Varioline sauna cabin
 Pure joy “Room made of wood” is the literal translation of the Finnish word for “sauna”, a word that in itself refers to the living tradition of sweating in a simple wooden shack. Taking a s...
Gondola hammock
This hammock is reminiscent of a Venetian gondola which floats gently over the water. The height-adjustable lying surface is made from recycled plastic bottles and adapts itself to the user’s requir...
Pergola Awning P40
These pergola awnings follow the trend towards large and snug comfort spaces – they provide spacious and weatherproof sun shading. Thanks to “secudrive”, an innovative guidance system using a sp...
Plex DecoMetal laminate
Plex extends the DecoMetal laminate range by Formica Group with a new avant-garde texture that exudes the beauty and charisma of metals, giving a touch of luxury, glamour and authenticity to surfaces....
Portavant 80 all glass sliding door
Portavant 80 automatic by VITRIS is an innovative, automatically operated, all-glass sliding door system for use in luxuriously appointed residential and office environments.
Sense 316 door entry panel
The Sense 316 door entry panel is made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel. In contrast to traditional products, the metal surface is free of buttons, as the surface itself is touch-sensitive.
TwinLine horizontal blind
The use of TwinLine makes it possible to move a blind up and down freely and hold it in place wherever you wish in the window.
Astec inline il 10 sliding door element
Highly elegant and precise, the inline il.10 fitting mainly consists of aluminium, but can be customised with stainless steel accents.
Louver Glass mosaic
The architecture of the Louvre in Paris and its famous glass pyramid were the inspiration for the visionary, three-dimensional form of this arresting glass mosaic.
Flat Sliding door handel
Flat is an innovative sliding door handle. Both the closing and opening mechan­isms are integrated into a plate, which extends around three sides of the door. The opening and sliding functions are ac...
Composite pool KORO
 LUXE Pools. manufactures polyester pools with advanced and innovative technology. One of the main advantages of manufacturing process is layering: LUXE Pools. pool has 10 independent layers of pool...
Skyjack Compact Series
The Compact Series DC Electric Scissor Lifts offer Skyjack’s easy to service, low maintenance design in a compact and versatile package. Equipped with variable speed front wheel hydraulic drive, and...
 Dynasylan® for high performance adhesives & sealants
 Protectosil® - Your partner for building protection In the field of building protection silanes give the materials a special degree of durability and resistance.
ACTIV8 Sensor Over Pedestrians
Automatic door sensor specialist BEA has launched the next generation of its ACTIV8 sensor for pedestrian sliding doors. This results from technological evolution and experience and is already avail...
TERRAFILL® Chipped Concrete repair preparate
 TERRAFILL® (0,5 - 3 mm) Two-component preparation for the repair of concrete surfaces, cement screeds and polished floors. Solvent-free, modified polymer emulsion (component A) with the addition of...
Carbofol® high density polyethylene sheet
Carbofol® geomembranes are manufactured using high density polyethylene (HDPE). Carbofol® is produced in various thickness and with either smooth or structured surfaces. كاربوفول أنسجة...
 Multi-functional composite products for reinforcement, separation and filtrations كومبى جريدهو دمج للشبك سكيوجريد ملحوم ومتكامل مع سكيوتكس غير ا...
Drainage System with core and Filter سكيودريننظام صــرف ثلاثى الأبعــاد يتكون من لب وطبقة فــلتر واحده على الأقل 
 Secumat® is a three-dimensional erosion control mat consisting of a UV-stabilized labyrinth-like extruded monofilament polymer core. سكيوماتسجاد ثلاثى الأبعاد للتحكم ف...
Secugrid® are flat geogrids made from interlaced extruded PET or PP polymer bars. سكيوجريد شبك مسطح مصنوع من قضبان البولى بروبلين المتقاطعة لأغرا...
 Are you seeking a channel for your house and hard-paved areas? One that will allow do-it-yourselves to install a visually appealing and fully functional solution with ease.? If so, all avenues lead...
Quick spray Polyurea
The coatings industry has come a long way from brushes and buckets to arrive at revolutionary polymer resins. Polyurea is the magic word for a newly developed innovative 2-part polymer, a dramatic adv...
FireMaster - fire curtain
Coopers FireMaster Fire Curtains are fully tested to BS: 476 Part 22 - 8 Coopers Overlapping rollers up to 54m wide and drops of 5m only require lightweight housings as small as 150mm x 250mm and have...
Skyjack Rough Terrain Lift
Skyjack Inc. The Canadian producer for self-propelled scissors lift platform Introduce its new platform, compact RT series,
Skyjack’s Articulating Boom Lift
 Skyjack’s A-SERIES Articulating Boom has been engineered utilizing many of Skyjack’s robust and reliable design features. مجموعة سكاى جاك المفصليه صممت هندسيا با...
Dock levelers - Kopron
Kopron Spa. (Italy) submit Dock leveler this loading Ramp Designed to compensate any differences in height between the loading docks and the differing truck load platform heights, KOPRON ramps are pla...
DAMTEC® ACOUSTIC INSULATION made from recycled rubber دامتك عوازل صوتية مصنوعة من المطاط المعاد تصنيعه من شركة كرايبورج ريالســتيك ا...
The Sportec floor coverings are extremely robust in the inner areas of fitness centers, exhibition areas, trade fair halls and ice rinks, golf complexes, covered pedestrian zones or business premises....
 KRAITEC top, protect and step are elastic products with outstanding resiliency for reliable service under heavy loads. They are made from high-quality recycled rubber granulate complying with exacti...
Skyjack SJ 12 Lift platform
Skyjack’s new self-propelled vertical mast lift features a compact footprint and superior maneuverability. The SJ 12 has a working height of 18’. When operating in tight workspaces, a high degree...
Bentofix® Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) are self-sealing barriers with a composite structure that utilizes the strength of millions of needle-punched fibers to secure a uniform layer of high swelli...

Omega is a patented modular block retaining wall system. It is very economical, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and is an economical alternative to in-situ concrete retaining walls.

بلوكات أوميجا المسجلة فى براءات الاختراع هى بلوكات للحوائط الساندة اقتصادية جدا ، سهلة التركيب ، ومتميزة جماليا تعطى شكلا طبيعيا وبديل اقتصادي للحوائط الخرسانية


Omega can be used as a gravity wall for heights of up to 1m or as a facing for a mechanically reinforced soil wall for taller or heavily loaded retaining walls.

أوميجا يمكن أن تستخدم بدون تسليح لارتفاع 1 متر أو كواجهة لحوائط سند التربة المدعمة حتى أرتفاعات عالية متوفرة في العديد من الألوان والأشكال لتناسب معظم الاحتياجات

It is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and face textures to suit most requirements.

Saif Engineering provides full design, supply and installation service on all our products.

Our experienced design teams and installation crews provide clients and contractors with optimum peace of mind and minimum risk.

Omega Block is produce under license of Shaw Technologies, Inc.


سيف للهندسة توفر التصميم الكامل ، والتوريد والدعم الكامل على جميع منتجاتنا.

لدينا فرق التصميم من ذوي الخبرة ونوفر أطقم التركيب يمكننا تزويد العملاء والمقاولين بكل الدعم المطلوب

تصنع بلوكات أوميجا بترخيص من شركة Shaw Technologies USA وتستخد شبك التسليح SecugridTM من أنتاج شركة NAUE GmbH








Aesthetically pleasing with color options, different face styles and shapes.

Easy installation, utilizing mortar less, interlocked block system


Versatile, allowing easy construction of curves

Quick and easy to install

The interlocking nature of the Omega retaining wall system makes it quick and easy to install

All blocks are manufactured to a standard wedge shape, which facilitates the creation of curved structures.

The Omega retaining system is completed with the installation of cap blocks on top

Built to last

A unique manufacturing process makes the concrete blocks lightweight, yet highly durable. This means the modules are resistant to chipping on-site during

Construction, as well as helping the system to withstand impact throughout its life

The interlocking design of the Omega retaining wall system gives the wall strength equal to, and better than, that of a standard in-situ wall.

Aesthetically designed

The benefits of the Omega retaining wall system go beyond practicality. Designed with an aesthetic finish in mind, the blocks are available in a choice of many colors, and either a flat or beveled split face finish.

Split or weathered finishes give the appearance of natural stone, with heavy texture and deep shadows to suit any environment.



ممتعة جماليا مع خيارات الألوان والأنماط والأشكال المختلفة الوجه.

سهولة التركيب ، وبدون استخدام مونة ، نظام كتلة متشابكة.

معمرة شديدة التحمل للظروف

شكل مناسب يسمح سهولة البناء فى المنحنيات

سريعة وسهلة التثبيت

الطريقة المتشابكة لبلوكات أوميجا فى الجدران الساندة تجعلها سريعة وسهلة التثبيت

جميع القطع يتم تصنيعها على شكل وتد مما يسهل إنشاء جدران منحنية

أوميجا بلوك يكتمل تركيبها بأغطية للجدران

تكنولوجيا التصميم

التصميم فريد يجعل من عملية تصنيع البلوكات الخرسانية خفيفة الوزن شديدة التحمل وهذا يعني أن البلوكات مقاومة للكسر في الموقع خلال البناء ، فضلا عن القدرة على الصمود أمام العوامل المؤثره.

التصميم المتشابك لبلوكات أوميجا يعطي قوة للجدار يساوي ، وأفضل من تلك التي تصب في الموقع.

جمالية التصميم

بلوكات أوميجا تأخذ فى الاعتبار جمالية التصميم البلوكات متوفرة في العديد من الألوان القياسية ، وأوجه إما مشطورة مسطحة أو مائلة

الأوجة المشطورة تعطى مظهرغير متكرر من الحجر الطبيعي ، مع الملمس والظلال الثقيلة العميق لتلائم أي بيئة