On the terrace, the balcony, in the garden, on the conservatory or on the windows … with a Harol awnings you create shade wherever you want.


The quality of the awning’s fabric plays an important role in this. The choice of color of the fabric for example determines the atmosphere under the awning, but also the filtering of the light, the degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation and the amount of heat that is let through

 Harol awnings for balconies  

Harol-retractable awnings bring coolness on the balcony during sunny spring or summer days. They also help to keep it pleasantly cool inside. What’s more: this awning maintains the ideal temperature for a while in the evening when it cools down. Or choose Harol drop-arm awnings: façade awnings with a variable tilt-out angle (from 0 to 120°) and fabric length. You determine how much sun you let in and at the same time a cool air blows through your home.

 Harol screens for windows

You want to protect your home against sunshine shining in? Harol's screens (and blackout screens) are compact, barely noticeable and efficient. They keep the heat at the window outside, they filter the light and thus create a unique, intimate atmosphere. They also provide an elegant solution for those who want to protect their privacy from indiscrete looks without having to lose any of your view.

The Harol retractable awnings bring coolness to your terrace on sunny spring or summer days. To cover or provide shade for larger surfaces, if necessary down to the ground, there are terrace awnings. A single part of fabric can be up to 40 m2! So it is not problem to keep part of the terrace in the sun and create shade for the rest. What’s more, the roof also offers protection against light showers. For free-standing applications there is a wide range of Butterfly awnings.

 Harol awnings for conservatories

Want to enjoy your conservatory or winter-garden all year round? It’s possible with the special Harol awnings. It not only keeps the temperature under control but also doses the light that enters and filers the hazardous rays of sunshine, so that your entire interior is protected against fading.



Harol roller shutters for an existing home


Didn’t place shutters when you built your home? But you would like to keep unwanted looks and foul weather out? Don’t panic: Harol roller-shutters can easily be installed afterwards. No breaking required. Harol has 3 types: the VR100, the VR110 and the VR200. 


Harol shutters for new constructions and renovations


Add-on roller-shutters are placed on top of the window frame. With the practical add-on system, Harol guarantees problem-free installation both during renovations and in new constructions. The newcomers, OB440 and OB450, are an ideal combination of safety and design.


But you can also opt for built-in roller-shutters. With Harol built-in roller-shutters you close out the world and burglars. They keep in heat and thus keep high heating costs out and protect your windows and doors against the whims of nature. Which means lower maintenance costs


Harol roll-up gates for shop windows


Your shop is your business card, even after closing time. Harol offers you a safe and modern way to totally close up: the Harol roll-up gate.


Harol roll-up doors for garages and gates


Just like roll-up gates, Harol roll-up doors are an important protection for both merchants, shopkeepers and private individuals.


Operation and demotic


Harol awnings (drop-arm awning, screen, blackout screen or Butterfly awnings) can be unrolled in two ways: manually with a rod or with an electric motor. Both systems can be placed on the right or left side at your discretion. Furthermore you can link various domotics systems to electric operation:


1. wind metres: protect your sunscreen against unexpected gusts of wind and violent storms;


2. solar cells: activate your sunscreen when the sun shines;


3. wind-sun device: you’re not at home and the sun begins to shine strongly? Don’t panic, the solar cells will immediately pass on the information and the sunscreen will unroll in the blink of an eye. A gust of wind suddenly occurs or the rain sensor feels that it is wet? Then it is immediately rolled up again.


4. Time clock: program your sunscreen yourself


Rain sensor: the awning will close when the fabric becomes wet

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