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The most difficult challenge in buildings, which rise to the sky, is cleaning of the facades. A dirty glass is a most unwanted picture in any high quality project.  

التحدى الأكبر فى المبانى العالية تلك المرتفعة وناطحات السحاب هو نظافة الواجهــات فالزجاج المتسخ صورة غير مرغوبة لأى مشروع عالى الجودة



iku®windows, with its products covered by worldwide patents, is setting new standards that enable commissioning clients, investors and architects to clean glass facades at the touch of a button.

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How the systems work

The principal technology is the same for all the systems. The mechanism guiding the wiper is integrated in the vertical or horizontal façade profiles. After pumping the cleaning fluid onto the glass façade, through a central water connection, the wiper starts to move from the top of the facade to its end and cleans the panes continuously. The wipers are spring-loaded, which guarantees not only a perfect cleaning result as glass never is totally flat, but also allows the wipers to cope with special designed horizontal transoms in the façade, if any. The system can be centrally controlled. The system height for the time being is 60m, for higher buildings one system is arranged (serialised) over the other.


التكنولوجيا الأســـاسية المسخدمة هنا واحدة لكل نظام، المكون من نظام ميكانيكى ينظم الماسحات داخل هياكل الواجهات الأفقية والرأسية فبعد ضخ سائل التنظيف على الزجاج من خلال نظام مركزى تتحرك الماسحات من أعلى ألى أسفل لتنظف ألواح الزجاج ، الماسحات مضغوطة بزنبركات لتعطى ملامسة تامة لسطح الزجاج لتضمن نظافة تامة ليس فقط على اسطح الزجاج المسطحة فقط ولكن تلك ذات الأسطح ذات التصميمات الخاصة فى الواجهات ، يمكن التحكم المركزى بالنظام ، حاليا يمكن تركيب النظام ليعمل بكفاءة حتى أرتفاع 60 م والمبانى الأعلى من ذلك يتم تركيب عدة أنظمة فوق بعضها ،

Curved, segmented and horizontal glass areas can be cleaned in a safe, economical and efficient way.

The systems are available as the classic cover cap system, the high-quality structural glazing system and pre-fabricated unitized façade system, which – besides cleaning mechanism - offer several options:

Shading, photovoltaic, lighting and advertisement can be integrated without disturbing the self cleaning mechanism.

The iku®windows shading system allows to move big panels also under high wind load. The ‘Burjuman Shopping centre’ in Dubai is using this intelligent shading system containing 1.400 shading panels successfully since two years. The system is simple and requires only little maintenance. Available as Vertical System and horizontal system


Main Benefits for users, investors and consultants

iku®windows do not just meet every architectural challenge: they do so in a way that makes economic sense, with a special focus on operating costs, which often exceed initial costs over the lifetime of a building.

Cost-effective - Low running costs are a major issue in buildings of the future

User-friendly – at the touch of a button

Cleaning anytime within short time (daily, weekly ...)

Integrated into central control systems

Soon pays for itself – value for money

Gives independence from external cleaners

Privacy and security for tenants

Cleaning is risk-free, even for high façades

Ideal for cleaning façades that are hard to access

Automated cleaning is triggered by integral sensors (e.g. rain, moisture sensors)

Partners and References

An iku®windows network of licensed partners is already established in several countries in the Middle East.

iku®windows realized among others the following projects:


1.The ‘Lotus Plaza’

2.The ‘Saudi Holland Bank’ in Jeddah/Saudi-Arabia

3.The Al Mousawi Tower in Kuwait.

4.The ’Al-Jawhara Tower’ in Kuwait,

5.Clemenceau Specialized Clinic’ in Beirut, Lebanon

6.Al Shamsi Building’ in Dubai, UAE


And many projects, which will be equipped with modern façade technology of iku®windows



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