3D SURFACE S.r.l.  is an innovation which arose from a meeting between three experienced artisan/craftsmen, Romano Zenoni and Alessandro and Stefano Fazzuoli, who, jointly, have more than fifty years’ experience in interior design.


The synergy and interaction between them allowed them to create new products with innovative forms and materials, creating a line of highly sought after, decorative, organically designed panels.


This result was obtained after research and a careful study of market trends, combined with the aesthetic sensibility of designer professionals. The combination of texture, forms and materials specially developed by 3D SURFACE S.r.l. , inspired by the most original contemporary art trends, are ideal for any environment or situation, emphasising the harmony between the forms and the surrounding architecture.


The constant desire to research new ideas and personalise the forms makes 3D SURFACE S.r.l. Ltd a unique entity in this sector. In addition, following the wishes and directions of the client, the company is able to create new personalized and customized designs with the help of three-dimensional renderings and drawings thus reflecting the tastes and needs of customers. A true "tailoring" of the spaces enables a team of technical professionals to create and shape the ideas of the most demanding customers




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