DAMTEC® ACOUSTIC INSULATION made from recycled rubber

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DAMTEC - Features and Benefits 

  • Outstanding impact sound deadening in residential and commercial floors

  • Eliminates hollow clicking sounds and reverberations (floor to ceiling noise) under hard flooring

  • Can be loose laid (always lays flat and will not slip during installation)

  • May be used for glue-down applications (glued to the subfloor and/or to the flooring above)

  • Cushioning effect increases underfoot comfort in combination with carpeting

  • Meets and exceeds tough acoustic building requirements while only slightly adding to overall floor height

  • Excellent thermal conductivity, ideal for use with underfloor heating/cooling systems

  • Can be used over a wide service temperature range

  • Outstanding compressive strength and load-bearing performance

  • Highest resiliency even after years of use (does not compress and reduce sound absorption)

  • Superior resistance to moisture absorption and rot degradation

  • Environment-friendly (made from recycled rubber, can be recycled again)


     DAMTEC® standard is the universal product in the DAMTEC® product family. This underlay can be used under parquet, laminates, carpeting, linoleum and PVC flooring and reduces unwanted noise – within your own four walls and those of your neighbors as well. DAMTEC® standard ensures a pleasant work or residential environment and is well suited for use in a wide range of applications.

    DAMTEC® color

    DAMTEC® color is manufactured from natural raw materials – rubber and cork – making it an excellent insulating underlay for floors in residential and other buildings. This underlay is ideal below linoleum and PVC flooring since its plasticizer-free formulation eliminates the need for a separating layer to prevent unsightly migration. DAMTEC® color can be used with any floor covering to maximize impact sound reduction – making your home or office a nice place to be.

    Stoneware and ceramic tile floors require special insulation which is best provided by a pure rubber underlay. Designed to hold up under heavy-duty loads, DAMTEC® ceramic provides the support needed by these rigid and heavy floor materials. It provides reliable protection against resonant vibration which can occur under tile and stoneware floors and has outstanding resiliency for maximum durability and compressive stability.

    DAMTEC® estra is the ideal rubber underlay in floating screed /concrete slab or underneath rigid floor elements on wooden subfloors, providing extremely resistance to compressive loads and outstanding elasticity. It is equally well suited for applications in residential, office and commercial buildings. DAMTEC® estra particularly quick and easy to install. It provides a wide range of benefits under screed or rigid floor elements including long service life and superb strength.

    DAMTEC® system is the premium insulating padding for concrete or wooden subfloors. It provides outstanding impact sound deadening properties under screed or rigid floor elements. DAMTEC® system’s special design and granular-textured surface ensure superior acoustic insulation especially in the low frequency range, the most difficult part of impact sound insulation. DAMTEC® system is ideal for use on wooden subfloors in combination with flooring of various types, generating high market demand particularly in the refurbishment sector.


    DAMTEC® product of KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG